Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Lost Abbey's Veritas Blends

I've always been fascinated by Tomme Arthur (Lost Abbey/Russian River) and his super limited "Veritas" line of beers. This blog entry was created in an effort to organize the base beers used in the unique blends of Lost Abbey's Veritas beers...

  • Lost Abbey Veritas 001 - A blend of of 1/5 Old Viscosity, 2/5 2003 CuvĂ©e De Tomme, and 2/5 Red Stone Black Raspberry Mead

  • Lost Abbey Veritas 002 - A blend of Barrel aged and bugged Avant Garde, Old Viscosity and Red Stone Black Raspberry Mead

  • Lost Abbey Veritas 003 - A blend of Angel’s Share, Amazing Grace and Cuvee de Tomme

  • Lost Abbey Veritas 004 - A blend of Yellow Bus, Duck Duck Gooze and Cuvee de Tomme

  • Lost Abbey Veritas 005 - A blend of wild, native Southern California grapes and a sour base beer

  • Lost Abbey Veritas 006 - A blend of Sangre del Cristo* and Angel's Share aged on Cabernet Franc grapes...
    (*Sangre del Cristo = Phunky Duck with sour cherries, raspberry mead andsoured Avant Garde? tangerines?)

  • Lost Abbey Veritas 007 - Isabelle Proximus barrel aged on cab franc grapes (?)

  • Lost Abbey Veritas 008 -  is a larger batch of a T.E.A. (or "traditional experimental ale") that was sent to Stone earlier this summer. The base beer is Mellow Yellow (a.k.a. wine barrel-soured Port Amigo Mexican Lager) with a blend of teas from the Republic of Tea and Lemon Zest.
    Available quantity:
    125 bottles to be released
    1 keg for Barrel Night
    A couple other kegs for local venues
    Intial Release:
    4th Annual Barrel Party Night
    November 13, 2010 —7:00 pm to 10:00 pm


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